Choose a Recipient to help:
Recipient CodeGenderDescriptionCategory
BV-308Female Help is appreciated for food, on a fixed income. Giant Tiger, Foodland, Food Basics)Independent LivingHelped
CLSN-HHFemale20 yrs old - video games, Mario (obsessed), comic booksCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-32Female21yrs, cats & dogs, Gift cards (Tim Hortons, Subway), makeup, nail polish, socks, flavoured teas, body spray, medium Hoodie, sketch book and markers, sour patch kids candy, blanket or throw, toothpaste, toothbrush.Community LivingHelped
CLH-29Male22yrs, Gift cards(Tim hortons, subway), hockey items (maple leafs), basketball items (Raptors), body spray, bodywash, tshirt (XL), flavored tea, water bottle with lid, mint gum, fuzzy peach candy, socksCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-25Male23yrs, Pop, gift cards, hat, gloves, treats, scratch ticketsCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-SMMale24 ys old - lacrosse, Adele, Justin Bieber, Kane BrownCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-AMilFemale27 yrs old - hair/nail items, perfumes, lotions, kitten related itemsCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-SCMale27 yrs old - itunes, playstore gift cards, video gamesCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-NGFemale27 yrs old - stuffed animals, hair/nail items, blankets, girlie thingsCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-ELFemale29 yrs old interested in Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Bills, country music, scratch tickets, perfumeCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-15Female29yrs, Nail polish, gloves, hat, makeup, gift cardsCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-6Female29yrs, word search puzzles (lots), treats, gloves & hat small, colouring,Community LivingHelped
CLSN-FSMale30 yrs old - colouring books/crayons, old country music, crafting items that involve texture as visually impairedCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-JFMale30 yrs old - painting, art, canvas and acrylic paints, brushes and other suppliesCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN- TJLMale30 yrs old - reptiles, airplanes, worms, spiders, marbles, stones, magnetsCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-28Male30yrs, gift cards, scratch tickets, body wash, body sprayCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-VHFemale31 yrs old - Toronto Maple Leafs, nail polish, lotions, perfumes, items to stay warm in winterCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-26Male31yrs, gift cards, scratch tickets, body wash, body sprayCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-AxMFemale32 yr old - stuffed animals (pink/purple), colouring items and girly things to make her prettyCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-AnMarMale33 yr old - comic books, marvel items, super herosCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-AJMale33 yr old - Toronto Maple Leafs, country music, and Toronto Blue JaysCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-JHFemale33 yrs old - Hair/nail items, hygiene items, perfume/body spray, lotionsCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-DHMale33yrs old - Comic stuff, lego kits, roblox itemsCommunity LivingHelped
CLH-23Female33yrs, Makeup, purfume, purse, gift cardsCommunity LivingHelped
CLSN-SM-1Male35 yrs old - rap related things, horror film items, wrestingCommunity LivingHelped