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Recipient CodeGenderDescriptionCategory
MGP-20Female3xl night gown, kids books, hair items (sruchies, clips ect.) 3xl topsAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-5MaleAmazon gift card, colourful mens socks, Mens razorsAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-17MaleAmazon gift card, mens body care, mens throw blanketAssisted LivingHelped
AA-11Malecar cleaner, body care, coffee podsAssisted LivingHelped
AA-13Malecat treats, food basic gift card- panty itemsAssisted LivingHelped
AA-9Femalecookwear, gas card, socks, hand creamAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-6FemaleCross words, Veggie chips, fluffy throw blanket, ladies body careAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-1MaleDiabetic candy, Large black tshirts, Mens Dove personal care itamsAssisted LivingHelped
AA-12Femalediamond art, body care, gift card for foodAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-11FemaleDiebetic candy, colouring books for adults, personal care itamsAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-12FemaleDiebetic candy, tank tops-large , word puzzles, slippers (size 9)Assisted LivingHelped
AA-14Maledog treats, house cleaning items, food basic gift cardAssisted LivingHelped
AA-4FemaleFood basic gift card, 2xl tops, anything rustic/countryAssisted LivingHelped
AA-7MaleFood basic gift card, plug in door bell, door matAssisted LivingHelped
AA-2FemaleFood Basic's gift card, room scent, car scentAssisted LivingHelped
AA-8Femalefood storage containers, bubble bath, bath towelsAssisted LivingHelped
AA-6FemaleGiant tiger gift card, non parashable food, Slippers,Assisted LivingHelped
AA-10Malegift card- anywhere, religion, head lampAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-19Malegingerale, canned food, mens xl PJ pants , mens XL men black tshirt with a pocketAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-15FemaleLarge top, fluffy throw, Slippers (size 9), bubble bathAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-16Maleloves bee's, religion, 2 Xl mens top , mens shaving kit- old spiceAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-3MaleMens 2 XL tshirt, Amazon gift card, mens body washAssisted LivingHelped
AA-5MaleMens body care, food basic gift card, dog cookiesAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-18Femalenote books, writing pad & pen, chips or popcorn (already popped) 2xl TopAssisted LivingHelped
MGP-2MaleOld spice, large gloves, winter hatAssisted LivingHelped